OR – FOSTERING POTENT IDEAS The blank page, the unstructured time, walking, daydreaming, are all starting points for creative ideas to germinate.  Similarly they may strike fear in the hearts of those who don’t believe what they’re doing is creative – that creativity is just bestowed on a select few. […]

Creative Idea Generation

Robert Frank Exhibition as ARTIC -see the editing and installation in progress
Many of you are interested in the chance, the serendipity of being in the right place at the right time to make work. We’ve talked about practice, and choices, and finding the places where you want to work. I’ve also mentioned the idea of working “subtractively”. Where you shoot and […]

Street Photography, and here we are with some great resources!

upper right of the histogram clickng the little highlight drop will block hilights with the warning color red. If you choose the shadow droplet they will block in blue.
Using Bridge, Select a Batch of photos you’d like to process together, Select the raw images, or to test try a .jpg and raw file at the same time. the more similar the better! Next, COMMAND + ‘R’ to open those in the Camera Raw dialog box.


Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.31.18 AM
When scanning Open PHOTOSHOP unless the Scanner Driver is more powerful, in some imaging workshops that offers more options. SELECT the object to be scanned. If your object is reflective (not translucent) your selection box may include some shadow of the object.  One way to work with this is to […]

Scanning Reflective and Translucent objects.

Batch correction in Camera Raw, you will have control in one image, and then synchronize over the images you need to correct
We get dust from scanning physical objects such as film, or even in your digital camera, on the sensor in the course of using the camera. You may send your camera to the manufacturer for cleaning (some brands require this in order to keep the warranty) or try some of […]

Dust! Removal.

Ring A Round Color Balancing Exercise
This is an exercise to practice color balancing. We are applying a systematic approach in order to make what is called a ring around test.  Each color in the COLOR ADJUSTMENT PANEL is applied to each the Shadow, Midtones, and Highlight values. Name the layer with the color your applied. […]

Color Ring-a-round Test

Note the WINDOWS I have open, as well as the LAYERS I'm using in my working file .PSD
We are using a photography workspace, and the workflow we are working on should start in bridge, make small adjustment in Camera Raw, and then open the LARGEST FILE YOU HAVE in photoshop to work on as the MASTER file…. From here save all the needed sizes. That way you […]

Workspace Windows in Photoshop

WRONG by John Baldessari, in direct opposition to the Kodak handbook of How to Take Pictures. Here we introduce a vocabulary for speaking about photographs, using terms to reference design and other visual arts. From examples you see in definition many lines are made through other media, but none the […]

Vocabulary and Elements of Art in your photographic work.